Did You Know?

Poor oral hygiene is linked to a range of disorders elsewhere in the body, including heart disease, diabetes and respiratory disease. It may even play a role in pre-term, low birth-weight babies.

Do you have “Dentist Dread”? 4 Ways to make your visit to the dental professional easier.

Anxiety about visiting a dental professional is normal. It is important to visit your dental professional on a regular basis to help properly care for your teeth but it is not unusual to have feelings of nervousness, apprehension, or anxiety related to a checkup.

Do you have “Dentist Dread”? 4 Ways to make your visit to the dental professional easier.

There are four ways to help alleviate this anxiety:

  • Don’t eat or drink caffeine or sugar before a dental appointment. They can make you feel anxious.
  • Make your appointments early in the day so you feel less rushed and less stressed.
  • During your appointment, think about relaxing. Breathe regularly and slowly.
  • During your procedure, let your dentist know if your feeling uncomfortable by using hand signals.

Your dental professional is there to care for your teeth and to work with you to prevent problems. They want to help, so help them help you.

Got A Question?  Ask The Hygienist

Q: My dental professional gives fluoride treatments after every cleaning. Are they worth the extra cost?

A: If you're prone to cavities, fluoride treatments, done about every six months, are a good. . .

Q: Can Dry Mouth Cause Dental Problems?

A: When the soft tissues of the mouth are constantly dry, they can become inflamed, painful, and more susceptible to infection. Tooth decay can develop. . .

Q: What are the signs of Periodontal Disease in Children?

A: our basic signs will alert you to periodontal disease in children: Bleeding - Bleeding gums during tooth brushing, flossing or any other time. . .